Thursday, March 4, 2010

sometimes i get lazy.

its been awhile since i last posted....

im sorry.

having a blog is more responsibility than i can handle sometimes, but im back now. for a lil bit.

until i forget....again.

so the last time i wrote was in september since then:

1. i applied for americorps. i stressed out about the job. i got the job. and i have been working with sacramento steps forward (formerly the ending chronic homelessness initiative) since december. its great.

2. because of the aforementioned developments i left my job at city life which was more challenging than i thought it would be...

3. i moved. still in sacramento just a different house. we miss the old place but our new one is real nice.

4. i bought rain boots...really good decision.

5. i have developed an intense love of feta and goat cheese.

6. well, i cant think of a 6 right now. but im sure there is something.

heres the thing. i worked a crazy day. i am tired. but, i wanted to make sure you know i am here and alive. i promise to give more details later...

later dudes.

Monday, September 7, 2009

i like coffee.

got myself one of these fancy things.

you should too.
its real neat.

not as fun as my anti-spill cup but neat.

it's late. i can't sleep. blogging time.

DISCLAIMER: i dont know how to work blogger so this business is out of order. whatevs. deal with it.

the photographer often wanted me in front, near kate, you know maid of honor status or whatevs. but i, in all my blue gerber daisy glory frequently rushed to hide behind the bride. or anyone. really.

so its been an uber long time since i shared life via the blog with ya'lls.
i think i had bloggers block. also, i dont technically have a computer of my own so i borrow my work laptop which makes my own indulgences a little tough.

summer has been real nuts. i went home a ton. kate got hitched. that (above) is a picture of kate, jill (her cousin who surprised her from paraguay) and, well, me. i look like i am with child in every photo that i took because i put my hands in front of me thus causing the already poofy part of the dress to stick out some more. way to go for me. as if i need help looking more round.

so the wedding was sweet. jerry dropped the unity candle. i still giggle about it. it was a short wedding.
i do.
ride to the park.
eat delicious food.
introduce wedding party.
silly games.
bride and groom leave to do the thing that they have been thinking about for many days.
i dont have any better pictures, not of that, of us...i dont think.

donna and i got the party started with our sassy-ness.
i cant remember how i was talked into walking with donna over to try and catch the boquet. but i was. kate let go of it and i was gone. no gracias to catching the boquet. no gracias.

i also went camping this summer. out in the cut of it. it was a great time. super ending to a real nice summer. also, as it turns out i am incapable of taking a straight faced photo.

i wish i had fun things to share. i dont.
i am fun though.
i dance.
i sing.
i am sassy, sometimes.

going back to long beach.
camp. timothy. the timothy project.
its gonna be amazing

oh wait. i do have news. i sold the t-bird. she's gone. prolly hanging out in the drive way of a 40 something year old dude who drinks the natty ice. i miss it but the new car is a nice change. i have cup holders now. i have never owned a car with cup holders.
i know, classy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

somehow blogging ended up at the bottom of my to do list

fear not. i am alive.

sacramento is real warm. it was 108 a couple of weeks ago. i decided that we could prolly end the who lack of water problem by gathering the sweat of the sacramento people. think about it obama. just think about it.

i don't have a whole lot to share at 1am. im actually pretty tired. i might end up sleeping before the usual 3am.

if you have a spare moment and need a laugh you should watch some bear grylls and will ferrell on youtube. its real funny.

i was at temple today, temple the coffee shop not the jewish kind, surrounded by 3 macbooks. the world hates me and wants me to be a bad person. not having a computer is annoying, being surrounded by beautiful machines is cruel.

also, you should probably look into jessica the hippo she is neat.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

you should make time to watch this movie

i saw it last friday. going again tomorrow. its my new eternal sunshine. i still love eternal sunshine. go watch this move. unless your name is john darrell, if that's the case you should watch twilight zone and drink a coors light instead because you prolly wont be into this movie.

i'll be in long beach july 2nd. lets hang out!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i am losing my faith in pandora. it thinks it knows me but it doesn't. it keeps playing jack johnson and i keep wanting to throw up in my mouth a little. ugh. when did i give it the impression that i liked jack johnson. i am bummed. am i living a lie?

i am really bummed about a discovery at the target today. press on toenails. c'mon world. just c'mon back. terrifying.

i got season 3 in the mail a few days ago. the west wing. also, i am uber bummed on season 6 right now so i have started at season 1. i really do loves me some the west wing.

i am cat sitting a little jerk cat who wakes up all night with head bunting and biting. its a gentle bite but a bite all the same. lame.

i can smell. i can taste. the joy of the lord you know?

i had 2 blow outs this week. my very old denims just gave up. they were some favorites. i am grieving.

its hot. i hate summer.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


i am still congested enough that i can't taste anything. i am severely bummed out. meat lovers pizza and a beer...nothin. coffee...nothin. pb&j...nothin. this is getting old.

i am considering using a long bristled brush (you know like the kind used to wash out baby bottles) to open things up.

its freaking race day and i can't taste my beer. this is horrible.